Along with the millions of commentators taking up space in the blogosphere, I add myself to the ranks of writers sent to this world with a lot to say. The truth is that I have a passion for communicating things, and find great satisfaction in the curation of the content of this site. As a cultural nostalgist I have a passion for the simple, the raw, the rustic, real, and classic – the forgotten values of the every day life. In this modern ageĀ it is easy to disregard the real things that have made us who we are as Americans and as humans, all in lieu of the new, the flashy, and the high-tech. Part of my mission is keeping us in touch with the originals, the right stuff, and the truth. This site is one on which you will always be able to find something interesting, something inspiring, something aggravating, and hopefully something great worth sharing. My desire is that if nothing else, you remember the name Dillon Boss as one belonging to a person of class and tasteful prose – even one who has not lost touch with the most important things in life.

Keep it classic,