A Note to 2017

Dear 2017,

Let me begin by first saying that never before in my life have I felt more hope and positive anxiety for a new year than I do right now for 2017, and I do not entirely know why that is. I have plans for this coming year, yes, and important ones at that. But I have those every year. Perhaps it is because 2016 was a sticky one for me (for a lot of us, actually)…not a lot happened for me in terms of progression, and I had my fair share of disappointments, troubles, and setbacks. Maybe I am just maturing in my optimism and feel more in control of my life than I did this time last year. Either way, I like what I feel, and I believe whole heartedly that 2017 is going to bring great things for me and the world.

This type of rejuvenation intimately affects my outlook and behavior. I naturally find myself being more productive, focussed, and aware. I find myself worrying less and paying more attention to others. I notice greater ease in formulating, executing, and following through with plans and endeavors. I enjoy a clearer conscience and a greater receptivity to those inspirations and illuminations ever so critical in this time of life. All because of a new year? Well, not entirely. Life has actually been pretty favorable lately in practically every regard. But the turn of a page in time is certainly a warmly welcomed addition.

I have benefited from this clarity recently as I have considered what it is that I will be focussing on this year in terms of goals and resolutions. Previously, I was not effective in doing this. In fact, I am confident that many humans also struggle making effective resolutions that actually matter, can be kept and cultivated, and count as self improvements. People confuse resolutions with goals and vice-versa. By definition, resolutions are firm decisions to do or not do something; an action to solve something. Goals, comparatively, are the objects of a person’s ambition; an aim or desired result. Put simply, a resolution is a commitment to realizing a goal, not necessarily goals in and of themselves. Make sense?

For the first time in my life I have adopted some goals that I feel exceptionally confident about. Though they be quite personal in nature pertaining to my fragile character, I have no objection to sharing them publicly in this venue to provide an example of what has been on my mind lately. So, below are the goals that I resolve to focus on and achieve in 2017:

  • Practice patience in order to develop a calmer temperament
  • Tell the truth at all times (nothing to hide, nothing to prove)
  • Refrain from constant opining
  • Be liberal with compliments, expressions of gratitude, and birthday cards
  • Be early and prepared, whatever it takes

As I have contemplated my existence and behavior with a “What lack I yet?” mentality if you will, these are the elements that have made themselves apparent to me as the key objects that will require expert attention in the year to come. The end result, or the why (which is completely necessary for each goal by the way), is to espouse a greater meekness within myself. Meekness, to me, is a quality not often associated with people my age, in my stage of life, circumstance, or with my already complicated temperament. Yet I have concluded that it is the ultimate, all encompassing quality apart from love that every human should aspire to acquire during their mortal existence. All the more reason to make it a point of focus and personal development, in my opinion.

These, among other more specific and secular goals pertaining to the educational, professional, and financial arenas of my life are what is going to give 2017 a purpose and direction not yet before known by me for a given year. I am tremendously happy for each and every opportunity afforded to me to move forward, make changes, focus less on myself and more on others, have fun, and make the most of these years of life. So this is me raising a glass to you, 2017. May your best fortunes heal us all and propel us to new levels of prosperity, everyone.


Another tormented, hopelessly romantic, optimistic, focussed, naive, ever-learning, hopeful millennial with the best of intentions, in need of a bit of a break

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