This poem was written in 2012 while the author was living in Valparaiso, Chile.

Come all! The shining star: A sign to come,
The Christ child Jesus sleeps, His life begun.
To leave the presence of His mighty Dad
A Gospel of great love and peace and glad.

He lived a perfect life, He showed the way,
To live our lives, return, and live to stay.
Without the man, the Lord, the King of Kings,
We would not know the joy that heaven brings.

This joy is shared with every walk and creed,
About this Christ they thought they didn’t need.
We celebrate the Savior’s humble birth,
He loved, walked, taught, and died to save the earth.

Now christmas is as people go and do,
While filling chapels full with every pew.
They sport their colors red and white and green,
But know not what these christmas colors mean.

Red is for love, for God so loved the world,
He gave His Son – redemptive plan unfurled.
For all those who would hear and plant the seed,
Red is from every pore the Lord did bleed.

The color green for all he did create,
All nature, life, and beauty did He make.
The christmas trees al decorated are,
Reminders of that night’s new shining star.

We anxiously await the twenty-fourth,
The night we get a visit from the north.
But we know of the most important gift,
That laid in Bethlehem the twenty-fifth.

The shepherds, wise men came from all around,
And laid their offerings upon the ground.
They knew that something special was this night,
The Lamb of God, of perfect glory white.

White are the robes, those which the Savior wore,
Of everlasting life forever more.
The white is glory we can now achieve,
The first step one must take is to believe.

For unto us a child was born this night,
The Savior, which is Christ the Lord, is right.
And clothed in swaddles laid the baby boy,
“Fear not, I bring good tidings of great joy.”

In God we glory, never should we cease,
Came to the world, the mighty Prince of Peace.
The same today as was the night back then,
With peace on earth all will is good toward man.

This christmas we have waited all year long,
Joy to the World, the Savior, Lord, is come.
And lo, the blessings, all we have received,
Together, family, on this Christmas eve.


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